What is yoga?


Yoga is a system of personal development encompassing body, mind and spirit, which originated in ancient India more than 5,000 years ago. Through the practice of yoga we integrate all aspects of our being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and discover our connection to ourselves, to others, to the universe. It is a path of self-discovery that leads to balance and harmony.


In modern times, the value of yoga is being increasingly recognised for general health, and its preventive and curative effects.


Yoga is a system of integral education, not only of the body or the mind or the intellect, but also of the inner spirit. Yoga leads from ignorance to wisdom, from weakness to strength, from disharmony to harmony, from hatred to love, from want to fullness, from limitation to infinitude, from diversity to unity and from imperfection to perfection.  Equanimity is yoga.  Serenity is yoga. Skill in action is yoga. Control of the senses and the mind is yoga.  Anything by which the best and the highest can be attained is also yoga.  Yoga is thus all-embracing, all-inclusive and universal in its application, leading to all-round development of the body, mind and soul.”      - Swami Sivananda


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