I’ve been a student of yoga for over twenty yearsbut it’s only since I used it as a tool and a lifeline in my own recovery and healing from addiction and childhood trauma that I’ve really grasped what a game changer it is.

One of my biggest joys and privileges is sharing this ancient, simple yet profound practice with others. I don’t take my practice – or life – too seriously and I am as fallible as the next person: I have cellulite, I drop the occasional F-bomb, I get ratty with my kids, I can’t do an unsupported handstand and I eat too much dark chocolate. I am human, in other words, and I am told that the fact that I am not claiming to be an airbrushed super-yogi with perfectly sculpted muscles and a direct hotline to the Universe, means that the yoga, meditation and mindfulness that I teach is accessible and relevant to the rainbow of chaos that is life on Earth. All welcome. 

What you'll get from me

What I can offer as a teacher is patience, compassion, tolerance, acceptance and a non-judgemental, respectful yet lighthearted approach to yoga, grounded in a solid understanding of both the physical side of yoga as well as the philosophy behind the practice.

My training

I have studied with Anne and Martin Combrink at Ananda Sangha Educational Institute in Somerset West, Patti Quintero and Billy Asad of YogaWorks in Southern California, Susie Roy and Mansoor in India, as well as many other teachers over the past two decades. Aside from my 200 hour YTT certification with Yoga Alliance, I have completed additional training modules including Specialised Pregnancy Training in 2011. In February 2018 I completed my Advanced Teacher Training in Yin Yoga at Preksha Yoga Ashram in Goa, India and this grounding, introspective practice is what I teach on retreats across the country. 

I have been registered with the International Association of Infant Massage as a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) since I completed my training in 2010 and I offer baby massage courses from Riverside Studio every second month. I am also certified as an "M" Technique Instructor, having completed my training in this gentle touch therapy modality at St.Luke's Hospice in 2018. Different to a massage, it is a deeply nurturing and relaxing form of touch that can bring about healing on the deepest levels. 


Things that get me excited! 

I’m particularly passionate about the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for healing from trauma, recovery from addiction, for fertility and pregnancy, and for depression and anxiety. These are all areas that I have personal experience in and through which I have come to believe in the power of this ancient practice to transform us from merely surviving, to thriving. 

Oh, and coffee. Good, strong coffee and dark chocolate. My family. Dogs. All animals, actually. Music. Especially blues and good old rock 'n roll, but also euphoric house and a heavy baseline. Movement. Nature. Wide open skies. Stars. Stargazing. Solitude. Simplicity. True friends. Art. Touch. Love. Compassion. Authenticity. Not having to make small talk. Beauty in the small things. Climbing mountains. Trail running. Black humour. Puns. Sunshine. The beach. 

And more. So much more. 

My aim as a yoga teacher 

I would consider it a huge achievement if I were to make yoga even a little more accessible to the people I come into contact with, and to break through some of the misconceptions that one needs to be a certain body shape, have a specific spiritual leaning or world view or be a vegetarian tied-dyed hippy in order to be a yogi. A lot of us are all that, but it’s a choice, not a prerequisite!

And way more important than teaching people to stand on their heads or balance on their hands is is to possibly play a part in allowing my fellow yogis to start to become kinder - to themselves, to the world in which they move - and to find some more ease in their day to day life.

To breathe easier, slower, deeper, and to start to see the world with more wonder and gentleness.

To help them come to realise that comparisons are utterly futile because we never know half of what anyone else is going through at any given time so what on earth is the point of finding oneself either better or worse than someone else.

And mostly, for my yogis to start getting a glimpse of just what magnificent radiant beings they really are, each and every one of them - to see their light shining a little bit brighter after every single class. 

My style of teaching 

My teaching style is relaxed and down to earth. I may fluff my words occasionally and sometimes make really weak jokes: although I have a deep reverence for the practice and the space that I hold as a yoga teacher, I try to keep it light.

I live by my principle that you don’t have to be on your mat twisted into a pretzel shape in order to practice yoga – it can and should be incorporated into our every day lives through mindfulness, awareness, tolerance and compassion.


“I am rooted, but I flow” – Virginia Woolfe